Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Avi Rosenberg, Alan Lindsey, Yonah Kaufman
Absent: Ari Waldman
Summary by Micha Kushner

Melave Malka Summary

  • The Melave Malka started about 20 minutes late.  This threw off the schedule and the caterer.
  • The speaker talked for about 45 minutes, which also added to the lateness.  The Melave Malka ended after 23:00 instead of around 22:30.
  • There were about 66 men and 30 men. The fourth women’s table was empty and moved to the men’s side to accommodate overflow in the men’s section.
  • Feedback about the caterer and speaker was discussed.
  • The three part Siyum (2 Gemorah Masechtas and one Seder Mishnayos) was complicated and difficult to get completed, even though the sign was up over two months in advance.
  • There were a few minor issues with the printer, but the journal was printed well for a very good price. Next year we should keep the same printer.

Purim and Mishloach Manot

  • Neshei Ahavas Shalom (NAS) are running Mishloach Manot project.  Focal points are Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Raymond.
  • Lev and Micha will be intermediaries between the Vaad and NAS.
  • Speaker for end of Taanis Esther – Yosef Richards (confirmed).
  • There will again be a Megilah with the Kehila this year on Purim night.
  • Minyan times will remain similar to last year with minor changes for Purim being on Motzash.  Lev will send out final schedule after discussing with Naftali Kaplan.
  • There will be signs stating that any “zecher ½ shekel” money left on the Bima after the 14:00 Mincha will be used by the Gabbaim as they see fit.

Amuta and Other Administrative Issues

  • American Friends of Ahavas Shalom is open and running. We received USA tax deduction status (501c3).  A PayPal account is operating.  Lev is in the process of opening bank account at Signature Bank.
  • 2016 Amuta Reports are in progress.  Micha, Yona, and Mr. Beer are working to answer all questions and supply missing information.
  • We are planning to have the Rav give several Shiurim for women (Purim, Pessach, Chinuch).  The Vaad is coordinating details with NAS.
  • Micha is working on having an updated membership database.