Present: Aryeh Beer, Yonah Kauffman, Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Avi Rosenberg (2nd half), Yoni Palmer

1. Building Issues

The Vaad discussed Eyal Shenhav’s proposal for the Yoetz Karka. After examining the proposal and reading Eyal’s reasoning, the Vaad voted to unanimously approve the proposal.

The 2nd issue related to the loan offers and bank account for the Building. Yonah presented the offers that we had received from the 3 banks down the road:

  • PAGI – If someone opens an account there with minimum 5k nis income they would get a 10k interest free loan. Existing account holders would not have any special loan facilities.
  • HAPOALIM – loans of up to 15k nis for 5 years would be offered at prime + 2.75%. For people without accounts there, they would open a special account to service the loan.
  • LEUMI – If people move accounts to them, they offer loans of prime + 2.5%, otherwise they offer prime +4%. For new accounts they would also offer 3 years free of charges.

The Vaad decided unanimously to go with the Hapoalim option (since it didn’t force people to move accounts (there). In the info pack to be created for members, we would also point out the offer from PAGI.

The Vaad also decided unanimously to go open the Building Fund account with Hapoalim.

2. Bet Zvi Torah Center

Yoni forwarded Akiva’s request that any approaches for help from Bet Zvi personnel are routed through him. Yoni updated the Vaad about the ongoing meetings he’s had with Akiva to work out increasing the relationship between the Shul and BZ.

3. Summer Raffle

The Vaad decided to continue the raffle on the same basis as previous years (i.e. low ticket price, modest prizes).

Lev and Ari W were nominated to work together and come up with the ideas for prizes. It was suggested that we don’t need so many prizes, even 5-8 would be enough. We set a deadline to have everything ready to go by Shavuot.

4. Lag BaOmer

  • We would like to ask Peretz D to play (Yoni will ask him).
  • Aryeh will ask Eliyahu Jacobs to juggle.
  • The evening will start at 21.00
  • Yoni will speak to Yitschok Reichenberg about refreshments.
  • Micha will be in charge of the bonfire.

5. Shavuot

  • Yoni will speak to Akiva about the program for Leil Shavuot.
  • Aryeh B will speak to his wife about once again organizing flowers from the ladies.


Following the meeting, I have these updates (from Micha)

  • The Rav was happy with the attendance yesterday (for his Shiur at least).
  • Nihul Pinkasim for 2013 should be with us by Sunday.
  • The new Amuta center is working on some financials required by the Iriya for the Building grant application.