Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Alan Lindsey, Avi Rosenberg, Yonah Kaufman
Absent: None
Summary by Micha Kushner

Book Cases

  • No new bookcases will be placed in the main Beis Midrash.
  • Two older bookcases will moved to the Annex (exact location TBD).
  • The two new bookcases will be placed in the entranceway.
  • Since there are many opinions as to which books should be placed where, Avi Rosenberg will arrange books as he sees fit.

Erki Appeal and Membership Campaign

  • So far 1780NIS has been raised (out of goal of 15,000NIS).
  • A membership seating campaign will begin next week.  Paying members will be allowed to have reserved seats (with name labels).

Maintenance Issues

  • A tarp is needed for the Sukah.
  • A tarp is need is needed for entryway (where Kiddushes are held), but will be done only after some type of frame is built.
  • A new clock is needed for the Annex.
  • The Vaad will try to get a quote for putting bricks down from the top of the ramp up to the Annex.

19:00 Mincha

  • The 19:00 Mincha is struggling and there are some days when there is no Minyan.
  • If there are several consecutive days without a Minyan, then it will be cancelled.

Shatz Siddur

  • There is a donor for a new Shatz Siddur.
  • A Shatz “Kol Peh” Siddur was ordered but has not come in yet.
  • After it arrives, it will be bound in leather.

Summer Raffle

  • The raffle will remain the same as last year – cash prizes.
  • The tickets will be printed on regular (and not glossy) paper.  It was very hard to write on the glossy tickets.
  • The Vaad will begin soliciting early bird prizes.
  • Lev will begin working on ticket design.
  • Tickets need to be printed by end of Tamuz.

Other Issues Not Discussed

  • The 2016 Amuta Reports are about done and will signed and submitted soon.
  • After comparing offers from two other agents, it was decided to renew the insurance with Gold Insurance.
  • The Rav’s Chinuch series for women on Shabbos afternoon was very successful.