Date: 14-Dec-2014   22 Kislev 5775

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending: Lev Seltzer, Aryeh Beer, Micha Kushner, Yonah Kauffman, Shalom Woodrow

Absent: Alan Rubinstein (abroad), Ari Waldman, Avi Rosenberg

Summary by Lev Seltzer and Micha Kushner

Melave Malka

  • The MM will take place in Beis Tefila hall.
  • Ari Goldwag will provide music.
  • The guest of honor is Ari Waldman.
  • Ari Waldman’s choir will perform.
  • The guest speaker is still not confirmed.
  • Price will be 100NIS for members, 120NIS for non-members.
  • Working on creating online method of ordering adverts and paying for them.
  • Need to prepare signs for MM.
  • Brad Rubenstein will emcee MM.

Building and Maintenance

  • Get outside doors covered ASAP.
  • Bulletin boards were installed at various places in the Shul to make things more orderly.  Still missing one more board to be placed outside for Simchas/non-Shul notices.
  • Purchase two Shabbos clocks and inline toggle switches for exhaust fans.
  • The Vaad decided not to currently limit use of the extension, and it will continue to be available for people to use for learning during the day and night.
  • Different plans/options for next step of extension being worked on with Rav.


  • We will only announce special events and non-standard Shiurim on Shabbos at the end of davening.
  • The Vaad wants to rejuvenate evening learning in the Beis Midrash.


  • The vaad is working on building a proper database of members including exact information about children.  One of the purposes of the database is to understand the makeup of the membership in order to better focus activities.