Date: 27-Jul-2014   29 Tamuz 5774

Location: Ahavas Shalom

Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Alan Rubinstein, Yonah Kaufman

Missing: Avi Rosenberg

Financial Update

2013 summary: Income exceeded expenses by 6000NIS.

2014 (Jan-Jun) summary: Income was below expenses by 13,000NIS.

New Kitchen Cabinet

After the old cabinet was repeatedly broken into, a new kitchen cabinet was installed.

Shabbos Shmooze Shiur

Very successful and the largest Shiur in the Shul! We are looking for Shiur sponsors for 100NIS/week.


Shloimi Dickman sets the A/C for Shabbos. The appeal to keep the A/C on most of the day until Rosh HaShana was successful.

Hours during the week:

  • 6am to 9am three A/C
  • 9am to 1:30 two A/C
  • 14:30pm to 16:00 two A/C
  • 18:00 to 22:00 two A/C

The A/C box was fixed and is working now. Rate for A/C is 1.5NIS/30 minutes.


We are in final stages of preparing the tickets and the raffle will officially open soon.


Due to financial limitations, we are now pursuing a cheaper building method with possibility of building a second story over the current building, supported by some type of beams. What will be done inside the second floor is open, but the plan is to leave the roof of the middle section of the Shul open and have the Ezras Nashim upstairs. This plan also gives a possibility of digging out a basement in the future (during which time we would only use the upstairs). Two main advantages of this plan: Much cheaper and therefore is realistic possibility. No need to move out (which would be costly and possibly have negative affect on the Shul).

Fun Activities

We are investigating some fun activity, such as bowling on Tu B’av, or a BBQ.