Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Avi Rosenberg, Naftali Kaplan, Peretz Katz

Location: Ahavas Shalom


Peretz Katz: Original plan which would cost 4 million NIS is not feasible. Looking at other alternatives. 1.5 million “binyon kal” with Jerusalem stone for one floor building. Expansion might be limited, but you can build with proper foundations and columns.

Ari Waldman: showed us a book on an engineering firm that creates “steel frame housing” for a reasonable price. He suggested adding on a second story (after taking off roof) to current building and enlarging it in the back. Advantage would be that there is no need to move to another location.

PK: Another option is to add area to the back and the front for just 1 million.

Money: $150,000,of which $100,000 in bank, $50,000 pledged, most of which is from non-members. We expect to be able to raise some 500,000-600,000NIS from members (@10,000NIS each). This will give approximately 1,000,000NIS.

Peretz and Ari will try to get more precise figures for different building options and then another Vaad meeting will be held to discuss and decide. Regardless, new architectural plans will be needed.


Selling aliyos should only be on first day.


Shabbos morning will remain at 8:00 for entire summer.

Rebbi Yishmael will be at 8:08 regardless of when Davening actually starts.

שוכן עד at 8:30.

There is confusion because of the difference in times between digital clock by the Chazan and the big clock on the wall. Big clock should be reset to see again if changes time.

If yes, then get a new clock with a large face.


People need to notify Peretz Dissen about Simchas.

Lev will create new email which will go to vaad and Peretz.

Get a form created. Sign “we invite you to become an associate member”