Attending:  Yonah Kauffman, Micha Kushner, Avi Rosenberg, Aryeh Waldman, Lev Seltzer, Yoni Palmer

Absent: Aryeh Beer, Aron Sokol

  1. Raffle
    1. The summer raffle is nearing completion.
    2. Lev Seltzer designed a completely new raffle ticket, and many of the prizes are also new.
    3. Need to get the tickets and publicity posters printed ASAP.
  2. Learning Programs and Bet Zvi
    1. We are still looking at ways to increase night learning in the Beis Midrash.
    2. Avi Rosenberg is working with Rav Teichtal on a program.
    3. Bet Zvi closed their website and are in the process of adding some pages to the Ahavas Shalom website.
    4. We foresee increased cooperation between Bet Zvi and the Shul.
  3. Website
    1. A link to web site should be added to all emails.
  4. Building
    1. Peretz Katz is re-examining price estimates (“to get in”).
    2. The Building Fund bank account will be at Bank HaPoalim.
    3. We are in the final stages of opening the account and all needed papers have been provided. (Yona Kaufman)
  5. There is a suggestion from the Building Committee to hire a professional fundraiser.
    1. We are close to getting money from the Iriya that is being distributed to different Shuls.
  6. Amuta Issues (Micha Kushner and Yona Kaufman)
    1. 2012 Reports are done and after being signed are being submitted to Amuta Registar + Mas Hachnasa.