Attending: Aryeh Beer, Yonah Kaufman, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Waldman, Lev Seltzer, Yoni Palmer, Rav Akiva Teichtal
Absent: Aron Sokol, Avi Rosenberg

  1. Evening learning programs (Rav Teictal presented)
    1. Rav Menachem Horowitz – Sefer HaMitzvos B’Iyun. 450NIS/month. 2/week.
    2. Rav Mordechai Stengi – Special Gemorah Shiur for youth (13-14 year olds). 2/week. Wants ~600NIS/month.
    3. Rav Teichtal. Mini series on Emuna. 200NIS/month.
    4. Discussion about how they will be paid.
    5. Final negotiations need to be directly between Vaad and Magidei Shiurim.
  2. Money from Iriya
    1. Still waiting. [Note: Money has been deposited.]
    2. Vaad voted by majority to use all the money for the Shul, since Shul previously paid for building related expenses.
    3. Vaad decided to allocate 34,000NIS as follows:
      1. 15,000NIS for learning programs
      2. 19,000NIS for Shul
  3. Chasan Breisis – Lubetzki or Bentzi Back. (Note: Lubetzki)
  4. Financial Update
    1. 15,000NIS loan from PAGI
    2. 5000NIS owed to Shul G’mach
    3. Check extra 900NIS charge – Yoni
    4. Owe 11,700NIS to Yoetz Karka
  5. Maintenance
    1. Glickman repaired several things (e.g. door)
    2. Kitchen window broken and repaired
    3. Bathroom lock
  6. Raffle – sold 70 books
  7. Amuta
    1. Get papers for Nihul Takin 2014 – Micha
    2. Section 46 application almost finished
  8. Pension for Rav
    1. Rav will pay 315NIS
    2. Shul will pay 640NIS
    3. Will offer to be retroactive from beginning of 2013 of Rav wants.
    4. Micha will talk to Rav
  9. Building
    1. Account not open yet
    2. Need to sign together
  10. Yamim Noraim
    1. Find speaker for end of Tzom Gedaliah
  11. Put up sign about who are Gabboim