Attending: Aryeh Beer, Micha Kushner, Avi Rosenberg, Aryeh Waldman, Lev Seltzer, Yoni Palmer

Absent: Yonah Kaufman, Aron Sokol

  1. Melave Malka
    1. Overall very successful. Much positive feedback.
    2. 80 advertisements.
    3. Ad journal was very well received.
    4. Caterer was overall considered good (service, quantity of food). Some small issues (dessert silverware, sauce for first course) existed, mainly due to MM being on Motzei Shabbos in conjunction with another Simcha by caterer in Bet Shemesh. Would use them again.
  2. Gabbaut
    1. There have been complaints about Shabbos morning distribution of honors.
    2. There is an Aliyah list. Every member should get Aliyah once a year, hopefully twice a year.
    3. There is also a Shabbos davening list (including Shabbos Mincha and Hagbah).
    4. Need to make decision about when things are sold (e.g. Chagim, Chol Hamoed, etc.)
    5. Need to write down announcements in advance to avoid multiple people making announcements that were forgotten.
    6. Yoni and Naftali are in continuing discussions with the Rav regarding formalizing various issues that will eventually be published.
  3. Netziv Hayom
    1. The Vaad voted to purchase a new Netziv Hayom board (similar to that in Eish Kodesh Shul).
    2. Leave open future dedication possibility (2000NIS).
    3. Look into possibility of putting daily sponsor on website – Lev.
    4. Micha will work with Chaim Stepelman to finalize wording on Netziv Hayom sign.
  4. Building
    1. Peretz Katz has agreed to be chairman of Building Committee.
    2. Ephraim Friedman will focus on fund raising.
    3. Naftali Kaplan will be focal point for architect and project manager.
    4. Yoni will investigate where to open “building” bank account. This issue is important as there are some donors who want to give but are waiting for a separate account to be opened.
    5. Need input from women about architect plans.
  5. Future Programs
    1. Future programs need to be assigned to project manager.
      1. Lag B’aomer
      2. Summer Raffle
      3. Yom HaAtzmaut Shiurim iv. Shavuos Shiurim
    2. Will be meeting after Pessach to assign project managers.
  6. Purim
    1. New Program – Ish Le’reiWho. Give Mishloach Manot to someone who sits nearby in Shul, but you wouldn’t normally give to. 10NIS anonymously donated to building fund for each member who participates.
    2. Purim party with Peretz Dissin.