Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Alan Lindsey, Avi Rosenberg
Absent: Yonah Kaufman
Summary by Micha Kushner

Pessach Summary

  • The Chol HaMoed Shacharis Minyans ran smoothly. (6:20, 8:15 inside, 7:15, 9:00 outside)
  • The 9am Shacharis should not start until BHZ (and not when the clocks change to summer time, as was the case this year 2 days before BHZ).

Summer Schedule

  • Shavuos Shacharis will be 8:20 (instead of 8:00).
  • Sponsorship of the summer schedule is available for 250NIS.
  • The “late” Shacharis (8:45 at the moment) will only be on Fridays.

Yom Iyun on Yom HaAtzmaut

  • Bet Zvi is organizing the Yom Iyun.
  • The Yom Iyun will be free, but there will be a Pushka for anyone who wants to donate on the food table.
  • Yitzchak Reichenberg will set up food.
  • Lev is making poster and publicizing.

Siddur for Sha”tz

  • One of the donated Sha”tz Siddurs is missing.  Maybe it is somewhere in the Shul.
  • It was proposed buying a leather-bound Siddur and offering it as a sponsorship opportunity.
  • After we have a concrete price, we will decide about offering sponsorship.

Lag BaOmer

  • This year will be Motzash.  There will not be an Avos Ubanim before the bonfire.
  • The Shul will buy ices to hand out for free again this year.
  • The Shul will organize the hot dog sale.  Exact details to be determined.
  • Last year too many hot dogs and rolls were bought.
  • The Shul will allow the sale of popcorn and cotton candy.  Many people enjoy the carnival atmosphere.
  • There was discussion about drinks.  Although we want to offer drinks to the Tzibbur, free drinks cause a mess and wasted drinks. Several proposals were suggested, including giving a free cup of soda to whoever buys a hotdog. (e.g. 3NIS buys 2 dogs in a bun with a cup of soda).
  • This not does not give a solution for adults who want to drink something but are not buying a hotdog.
  • There is an issue of freshness of rolls bought on Friday for Motzash.  We can freeze them.

Other Issues

  • A gardener was to cut down weeds in front of Shul.  The weeds can cause problems with the A/C.   The gardener cut down some weeds but said he will spray to kill the rest.
  • Lev is in the process of opening bank account for American Friends of Ahavas Shalom at Signature Bank.
  • The 2016 Amuta Reports are nearing completion.