Date: 21-Dec-2015   9 Tevet 5776Location: Ahavas Shalom
Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Yonah Kauffman, Ari Waldman, Avi Rosenberg, Aryeh Beer
Absent: Alan Rubinstein
Summary by Micha Kushner


  • The leak in main water pipe has been fixed. (A new pipe was installed.)
  • The current water bill is 2700NIS. We will take plumbers bill and hopefully get most of it refunded.

Building Maintenance

  • The kitchen cabinet was broken into (and broken).  It can no longer be locked. It will cost 900NIS to get a new door installed.
  • The Annex now has two light switches to allow only half the lights to be on.   The Vaad decided not to limit use of the Annex, but people should try to turn off the lights if the Annex is not in use.

Melave Malka

  • Date: Feb 13
  • Location: Beis Tefila hall
  • Honoree:  Mr. and Mrs. Beer
  • Guest Speaker: Rabbi Silver
  • Advert forms are available. (Note: Any adverts we sell by end of December will give us the money in the beginning of January.)


  • Additional fluorescent lights were installed in Annex.
  • Ari W. presented plan to expand the Annex out to retaining wall.  The extra space will be in three parts.  The front half will be used to expand the Annex.  The middle part will be for a kitchen. The back part (with a door outside the Annex) will be a storage room.
  • If this is done, it will enable eventually knocking down kitchen wall to remove kitchen and to expand the number of seats in the current Shul.  There is also a plan to “square out” the front corners.