• Location: Ahavas Shalom
  • Attending: Lev Seltzer, Micha Kushner, Aryeh Beer, Ari Waldman, Yonah Kaufman
  • Absent: Avi Rosenberg, Alan Lindsey
  • Summary by Micha Kushner

Summary of 9 Av and Bein HaZmanim

  • Members explaining Kinot was good idea and added to Tefilos.   Maybe need to think about how to make speakers louder (stand in middle, loud speaker).
  • Yeshiva BHZ had about 300 hours of learning.  The costs were covered by donations.
  • Thanks to organizers Avi Rosenberg + Naftali Kaplan.
  • The 8:55 Shacharis was well attended and will return in future BHZ times.

Chagim Preparations

  • A/C #1 (above Mr. Beer) is not working well.  Initial check showed that the air conditioners (except #6 in Annex) are very dirty.
  • A/C technician will clean and rinse four air conditioners before RH.
  • Simchas Beis HaShoeva will tentatively be on Motzei Chag, Monday night.
  • The Vaad is looking into the possibility of re-upholstering of seats.

Fire Extinguishers

  • The insurance requires 2 x 6Kilo powder fire extinguishers.  One of the current extinguishers is too small and the other needs to be refilled.
  • We have quotes for new fire extinguishers and will proceed with getting a permit for insurance.


  • There will tentatively be 3rd meal on Parshas Ki Tavo for men in the Shul and for women in the Rav’s apartment.
  • The Vaad is working on creating an Annex rental contract.

Amuta and Finances

  • The Amuta’s 2015 reports were filed in July.  We are waiting for Ishur Nihul Takin, which can take up to 60 days.