We have for the past few weeks brought up the subject of ki seitzei (going out), Ki Savo (coming to), and this week we find ourselves in a strange situation of nitzavim/vayeilech (standing/going). Many of the commentaries comment on this idea, what does it mean to “stand still and go”? How, at the same time, can we be moving and stationary? The gemora in meseches Shabbos states the Halacha that if somebody while travelling stops to adjust his package this is not considered a hanacha, although he has technically stopped, the Halacha does not recognize this as a hanacha, rather as if the person is still in motion. The reason for this is that this “pit stop” is in order to continue moving to the final desination. It is not the point of conclusion of moving the item, but rather part of the moving process.

So too, many times one who is in a race may need to stop to assess his progress, and become invigorated to burst forward. So too, in our process of teshuva, as we come to the final round—the week of selichos—we stop, reassess, gaining strength for the final stretch. This nitzavim is actually part of the vayeilech. May we be zoche to hit the finishing line as a winner, achieving success in our avoda of teshuva.

Wishing you a kesiva v’chasima tova!