When people think of tzedakah, the segulah of עשר בשביל שתתעשר (tithe so that you become rich) flashes in front of their eyes. A quick fix to make you rich! However, Chazal tell us that giving tzedakah is not just a segulah for parnasah. It also helps our tefillos to be heard by Hashem (see Baal Haturim on pasuk 15:8). What could be the reason and understanding for this segulah? It seems to me that many people have not only have a nisayon of giving tzedakah, but also with dealing with the poor person: To listen to his sad story. Yet Chazal say that one who listens graciously does more for the poor person than the actual giving.

In light of this we can understand that we too, in our tefillos, tell our sad story to Hashem, and mida ceneged mida, if we listen carefully to the stories of others, Hashem will definitely listen to our tefillos too.