Ahavas Shalom Night Program

The long winter nights are warm and light in Ahavas Shalom!

Mishnayos Shiur
Sunday 21:15
Rav Zachariash guides us through the chapters of Mishnayos.

Topical Issues in Halacha
Tuesday 20:15
Explore the Shulchan Aruch and the Mishna Berura with Rav Zachariash.

NEW! 613 with Rabbi Horowitz
Wednesday 21:15 (Starting Jan 15)
Come   and explore again the Taryag Mitzvos in Iyun with Rav Menachem Horwitz. Rav   Horwitz is a noted scholar and a very experienced Magid Shiur.  The shiur is based on Sefer haMitzvos.

NEW! Rambam Plus
Thursday 21:15 (Starting Jan 16)
Going   through the Yad Hachazaka, using it as a base for wider knowledge of sugyos   in Gemara and practical Halachah. Given by R’ Akiva Teichtal.

All shiurim are in English and take place at Beis Midrash Ahavas Shalom
33 Nachal Lachish