Megillah with the Kehilla

Megilla with the Kehilla

Join the Ahavas Shalom Kehilla as we start and finish the entire Mesechta Megilla on Purim Night. Starting at 21:30. Siyum at 22:45!

הצטרף עם קהילת אהבת שלום כדי להתחיל ולסיים את כל מסכת מגילה בליל פורים. החל מ- 21:30. סיום 22:45!


  1. At 21:30 show up at Ahavas Shalom with a Mesechta Megillah (we will have individual pages from if you don’t have).
  2. Pick a Daf to learn (you can sign up ahead of time)
  3. Find a chavrusa (you can also learn alone)
  4. Learn your Daf (You can learn more than one) and complete it by 22:44
  5. At 22:45 the Rav will lead us in the HADRAN for Meschta Megillah, and we will go home knowing that as a kehilla we had a major accomplishment on Purim night!