Following is the schedule for the Matza baking at Matzos Chabura Bet Shemesh.


Date: Sun., Nissan 9, (Mar. 29)

Start Time: Scheduled for. 4:00. We start preparing at 3:45. (May change due to delays from the previous group)

End Time: Approx. 6:30


Payment info:

For those who have ordered, and haven’t yet paid, payments may be given to Peretz Dissen (054-566-5084) by Sunday. If you can’t pay earlier, and will be at the baking, the payment may be made at the bakery – please let us know.


Hand Shmura – 170 NIS / Kilo

Machine Shmura – 75 NIS / Kilo

Kemach Matzot (Matzo Meal) – 35 NIS / Box  (400g)

Either cash or checks written to: “מצות מהדרין וחבורה בע”מ” (“Matzot Mehadrin VeChabura בע”מ”)

*** Some years we have received a discount at the last minute of a few Shekel a kilo. If this occurs, and is less than 5 NIS/kilo the extra money will go to the Shul.

Pickup info:

For those not joining us, we will bring the Matzot to the Shul immediately after the baking is complete.

If you will not be able to pick them up then, please make arrangements with someone else to take them for you.

There is no storage facility at the Shul! Any Matzot not picked will be kept at the Dissen residence, 14/11 Lachish, where they may be picked up with prior arrangement (054-566-5084)


Joining Baking:

PLEASE NOTE… – You may accompany us even if you haven’t ordered Matzo. – The Shul is not providing transportation – if someone is willing to coordinate matching drivers with space to people who need rides, please reply with your contact information. – Children may join us if they can behave appropriately, and the parent will properly supervise their children. Generally, the age recommended is 7+, though it depends on the disposition of the child. If you are unsure, you can ask the Rav for guidelines to help decide. – Women & girls may come, but should be dressed appropriately for the gravity of the Mitzvah and not to offend the workers at the bakery.

There will IY”H be opportunities for adults and older (13+) children to participate in the Matza production. For those who wish to observe, the Rav Shlit”a will be available to answer questions and explain the process.


Matza Bakery Map

From Ramat Bet Shemesh take route 38 until just past the police station.

Make a right, and after the entrance to the police station, make another right.

The Matza factory is towards the end of that road on the left.

(It is approx. a 15 min. walk from the BIG mall.)