Minutes of General Meeting

8:30pm: Meeting called to order

  • Financial update – Shul is currently steady in terms of finances, despite drop in income from membership. Currently there are no outstanding loans.
  • Building update – All progress on the building has stopped. The new Vaad, in coordination with the Rav, will decide how to proceed.
  • Upcoming Melave Malka will be in Beis Tefila with the hall caterer. Honoree will be R’ Aryeh Waldman. No guest speaker yet.
  • Quick summary of activities: Youth Seuda Shlishis, Shabbos Shmooze, Pirkei Avos Shiur, Oneg Shabboses
  • A member brought up issue of children running wild outside during the Rav’s Friday night Dvar Halacha. This is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. Could use extension for some type of activity, possibly led by someone from outside the Shul. Issue needs to be emphasized to the Rav.
  • Proposal by Avi Rosenberg to allow all 8 candidates to join the Vaad instead of elections for 7. This was OK’d by the Rav if the Tzibbur prefers to give up their right to vote someone out of the Vaad.

Vote on Avi Rosenberg proposal passed by a majority. Therefore, no elections will take place and the current Vaad will continue with the addition of Shalom Woodrow.

9:00pm: Meeting adjourned

The new Vaad then held its first meeting.

  • Lev Seltzer was elected chairman
  • Aryeh Beer was elected treasurer
  • Micha Kushner was elected secretary