I took my grandson to buy a pair of shoes at the mall on Erev Shabbos and then as a bonus, I bought him a drink at one of those “Everything For 5 shekel” take-away stores.  There was one girl taking the money (and being a bit pressured by the long queue) and a lad making the drinks as fast as he could.  I only had a 100 shekel note and she gave me a handful of change.  Something made me check it carefully and I found she had given me 25 shekels too much. Choshen Mishpat rushed through my mind clashing with the difficulty of gaining her attention in the face of the mass of young people wanting to buy a drink.  (If it’s always like that, it must be a good business!!) but I had no doubt I needed to return it to her.  After a few minutes I managed to get her attention and showed her what she had given me.  She was very grateful and thanked me profusely.  I had little doubt then that she was probably not paid so well for the job and possibly had to make good any shortages.   I’m sure she noticed we were wearing kippot.