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About Rav Avrohom Baruch Zachariash

Rav Avrohom Baruch Zachariash has been the Rav of Ahavas Shalom since 2003. He currently lives in Jerusalem, but spends most Shabboses with his Kehilla in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

לפסול פסלים

" וְרָחֵל לָקְחָה אֶת הַתְּרָפִים" (בראשית לא:לד) רבים מהמפרשים שואלים מדוע רחל לקחה עמה את התרפים – האלילים של לבן - כשיצאו מביתו. מדוע היא פשוט לא הרסה אותם (כמו שהתורה מצווה עלינו לעשות)? כדי לענות על שאלה זו, ברצוני להעלות גמרא מעניינת. הגמרא אומרת, "אמר רב נחמן כל ליצנותא אסירא בר מליצנותא דעבודת כוכבים [...]

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Don’t Stand by Idol-ly

Rachel had taken the idols… (31:34) Many of the mefarshim ask why Rachel took the idols of Lavan with her when leaving his home. Why didn’t she just destroy them (as the Torah commands us to do)? To answer this question, I would like to bring to your attention an interesting gemora in Megilla. The [...]

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The Fast Track

Isaac said to his son, “How did you succeed so quickly, my son?” (Bereishis 27:20) Rav Meir Shapiro once described to a wealthy man the number of hours that the boys were learning in his Yeshiva, yet the wealthy man was unimpressed. Rav Shapiro responded, “Though you may work in your office for more hours [...]

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