I went to a women’s program in Ramat Beit Shemesh and was introduced to another woman, who poured out her heart to me about how she was struggling with her almost 30 year old son who still lived at home and made day to day life for her and her husband very difficult. I had a similar experience in my home several years ago, and immediately realized that this woman had no idea what the problem was or that there were several solutions available to her. I myself am working all day with two jobs, but when she poured out her heart, I also felt her pain and immediately set out to help her. I spent several hours talking with this woman and her husband, and directed them to experts in this field. They now realize that they are not the only ones with this type of problem, and that there are solutions that would enable them and their son to live happy lives. If you see a fellow Jew struggling, realize that Hashem has sent you to this person so that you can lend a hand and remind them that they are not alone.