Last night (Motza”sh) was the annual general membership meeting.

Yoni Palmer chaired the meeting.

  1. Aryeh Beer presented the financial update
  2. Micha Kushner summarized the activities by the Vaad over the past year
    1. Amuta management
    2. Hachnasat Sefer Torah
  3. Naftali Kaplan reported that the building committee is moving ahead and the following has been decided:
    1. We will be building IY”H a three story cement building.
    2. The cheapest way for us to enter the building is to build the basement (Ulam Smachot) first.
    3. This will require moving to a temporary location, removing the caravan, excavating down to at least street level, digging new foundation supports.
    4. This has minimal or no effect on building the upper floors in a later stage.
    5. The estimated cost for a complete basement floor (including all fees (Iriya, building permit, advisers (electricity, fire, etc.)) is 2.5 million NIS.
    6. We have initial pledges (before we even started fundraising) of about 300,000NIS.
  4. Elections for new Vaad – Members voted to expand the Vaad to 8 members The new Vaad members are:
    1. Yoni Palmer
    2. Aryeh Beer
    3. Micha Kushner
    4. Yonah Kauffman
    5. Aryeh Waldman
    6. Lev Seltzer
    7. Aron Sokol
    8. Avi Rosenberg
  5. The Vaad elected: Yoni P. as president, Aryeh Beer as Treasurer and Micha Kushner as secretary

All members are invited to volunteer their time and energy and should contact a Vaad member to find out how.